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The rise of small business directories

The next best thing to help on search engines is the small business directories. It makes it easy for your customers to find your small business easily in today's competitive online environment. Online business directories are there to stay, and every business ought to know where to list them. You probably already know the value of maintaining the online presence of your company (and thus listings), but there are a lot of small business directories in the UK to choose from. 

Here are the topmost famous for using and getting your business to be known in the UK 

Yelp UK 

If your company is in London, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Liverpool, or near any other UK town, Yelp may be an excellent choice for your company website. It is one of the famous online directories, attracting over 70 million unique visitors per quarter. It's possible to create a free Yelp page with business information, set up your service area, add contact information, upload photos, or respond to customer reviews. Besides that, if you're running a restaurant, you can opt for ads on Yelp, or you can introduce the Yelp booking system. 

To learn more about improving your online presence and attracting more potential customers in your local area, click through the Yelp Blog for Business Owners.


Yell, with more than 2.9 million registered businesses so far, is the UK's leading business directory. The Yellow Pages directory publishers launched it in 1996, and now it has over 3,000 company classifications for businesses across the UK, except the Isle of Man and the Channel Island. On Yell's website, you can find a detailed guide on how to assert your company, update your profile, and find your products and services on Yell.com. 

You need to fill out the necessary Free Business Listing Form to create a free listing, which takes about two minutes. also take advantage of using some of Yell's free tools like website checker, online reputation scan


The Scoot is recognized as one of the UK's leading online search firms. This provides end-users with information on high-quality products and services in their local area, while also enhancing business owners ' visibility by placing their businesses in front of thousands of new buyers. Listings are available and include data such as names, numbers, and addresses, but there's a lot more to it. A full network for Scoot, Touch Local, The Times, The Sun, and The Mirror is set behind the scenes, allowing the Scoop Network to control business directories.

The Scoot operates the business directory network of more than 400 websites together with Touch Local, with about 4,000 to 6,000 new businesses entering each month. So, it could help your business to be listed on several well-known websites.

Thomson Local

Thomson Local was the only rival in the United Kingdom's Yellow Pages telephone directory throughout the 1980s and early 1990s (it was recognized as the Thomson Yellow Pages by Thomson until it was sold to another company). In 2016, Thomson stopped producing and selling its printed version and continued to serve as an online business directory only. It was as well as the first UK directory to add features like local maps, local guides, and more information beyond the primary listing. Today, Thomson Local is one of the UK's leading online directories, helping thousands of local companies advertise their businesses and find local customers in need of their services or products. It also has its dedicated marketing service that can help your online presence gain more traction.

UK Small Business Directory

Launched in 2004, the UK Small Business Directory has since provided free business directories and free business marketing options. Today, this registry has been claimed by more than 230,000 small businesses based in the UK. You can apply your listing to the UK Small Business Directory free of charge if you want to join the club. It would be the standard profile, with an overview of the organization, contact information, and detailed information about the location.

If you want to add multiple lists, you can also access the free U KSBD Partners Program. Besides, there is also a paid option to update your listing and make your profile more productive. Either way, to help you improve your online presence, you should rely on customer service. The UK Small Business Directory is user-friendly and search engine-friendly with dedicated Category, City, and Town Search options.
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